Since November 2008, I am working for IBM Rational as an advisory software developer, based in London, Ontario, Canada. I am affiliated with the Toronto Software Lab but practically, I work in the IBM Rational Jazz division, which has people all over the world. Currently, I am working on the Jazz Foundation project, which is the basis for all of Rational's future collaborative lifecycle development tools. Before joining the Jazz Foundation team, I was involved in the development of Rational's Design Management, which is the next generation modeling tool in the Software Architect family (aka RSA).

From October 2005 until October 2008, I worked for SAP AG in Walldorf, Germany, first as senior developer, later as development architect for the Modeling Infrastructure (MOIN) of NetWeaver's design time tools. Next to general architecture, design, and development tasks, I was responsible for MOIN's query language (aka MQL), helped with the implementation of the OMG's Object-Constraint Language (OCL), and worked on the architecture of two MOIN facilities, one for the Eclipse IDE and one for NetWeaver's JEE server. For a short period of time, I also researched different model-to-model and code generation technologies for MOIN.

From October 2004 until September 2005, I was a software architect in the research and development team at Interactive Objects Software GmbH (IO Software), Germany, where I was involved in the development of the Model-Driven Architecture (MDA) tool ArcStyler. At IO Software, I primarily researched and prototyped a new model-to-model generation language.

My professional interests focus on scalable meta-data repository technology, query languages, model transformation languages, code generation, and software development tools in general. I am specifically interested in techniques and patterns which support long-term maintainability and extensibility of software, especially with the help of domain-specific abstractions and languages. In the past, I was also involved in the Object Management Group, a major international industry consortium, concerned with the standardization of software engineering technologies such as UML and Corba. In particular, I contributed to the QVT standard as well as to earlier versions of the MOF2Text standard.

Other community activities

My resume is available upon request